Sponsors Tell Their Story

Kathleen & Luis's Photo - Kathleen & Luis

When our church first partnered with the Learning Center in Guatemala, I knew I wanted to sponsor a child. Since I have two grown sons, I really wanted to sponsor a girl, so I picked Keyla.   When Rut, VisionTrust’s National Director of Guatemala visited our church in New York, she spoke to me about Keyla. Due to some health issues, Keyla would not be able to participate at the Learning Center, so she asked if I would be willing to sponsor her brother, Luis. While initially disappointed that I no longer would be sponsoring a little girl, my heart said "yes"! Little did I know how special that "yes" would be until Ashley from VisionTrust spoke at our church. She started talking about a little boy that had stolen the hearts of the teachers at the Learning Center. At first Luis was very quiet and had difficulty adjusting to the Center, but over time he’s blossomed into their unofficial morning greeter. As I heard Luis's story unfold, my heart felt like it would burst as tears came to my eyes. My simple "yes" truly gave new life to this little boy on the other side of the world.  You don't have to go on a mission trip to make a difference, you can just say "yes" to sponsoring a child and giving them “a future and a hope!”