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Peter was born into a Christian family, but as a teenager strayed from the Lord. After two months of declining a friend’s offer to church, Peter finally gave in. After the time he went he promised he would never go back. But, the next Sunday he found himself sitting in the pew again and that week chose to give his life to Christ and has been a changed man ever since.

A Quick Look At Our Impact in Tanzania

Year VisionTrust Started Partnering: 2010

# of Programs: 2

# of Children Served: 545+

# of In-Country Staff/Volunteers: 30

VisionTrust Tanzania provides proper health care and nutrition, high-level education in English, and in-depth Bible studies for the kids they serve. While there are many Muslim children in the school, many of them are professing faith in Christ because they are learning Scripture and partaking in ongoing Bible studies that challenge their spiritual development. VisionTrust Tanzania’s goal is to see transformed lives for Christ, and to see children grow up to live for God and love others.

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Ready to transform lives? Your donation of any amount makes an impact.

Ready to transform lives? Your donation of any amount makes an impact.

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