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Meet our Local Hero

 Ada’s passion for children and youth started when she was 12 years old, and as she grew closer to God, her love and passion only increased. As a young child, she walked through a difficult season of life when her parents separated and her father moved to a different city. The separation caused her to draw away from Christ, but it was during this time when God started doing His work. While her parents were separated, her family met a missionary named Mariela. Through Mariela’s guidance, and God’s healing in their lives, they returned to Christ and her parents’ marriage was restored. Mariela also just so happened to be the director of VisionTrust’s program Hogar Casa Luz, a Transitional Home where children live when they are orphaned or cannot be adequately cared for by guardians, and Hogar Casa Luz quickly became like a second home to Ada. In 2012, Mariela invited her to help at Hogar Casa Luz and the other VisionTrust programs. She has been involved with VisionTrust ever since, and has been able to see God’s faithfulness in fulfilling the promise He placed on her heart when she was 12. Today, Ada is the Country Director of VisionTrust Peru and serves hundreds of Peruvian children, teaching them to live for God and love others.

A Quick Look At Our Impact in Peru

Year VisionTrust Started Partnering: 2005

# of Programs: 5

# of Children Served: 210+

# of In-Country Staff/Volunteers: 40+

We’re excited to say that our ministry has impacted many children, caregivers, and their communities! Though their Transitional Home, VisionTrust Peru provides holistic care to children who are orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable. Each child has had access to health care, which includes: immunizations, deworming, dental care, and good nutrition. Most importantly, each child is shown the love of Christ and has had access to the Word of God. VisionTrust Peru Learning Centers provide children living in extreme poverty with nutritious food, access to education, basic health care, training in the prevention of sexual and physical abuse, and most importantly, the opportunity to have a relationship with God.

Map of Peru

Ready to transform lives? Your donation of any amount makes an impact.

Ready to transform lives? Your donation of any amount makes an impact.

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