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Robert Sondah, his wife, and their four boys have experienced first-hand the turmoil of the Liberian Civil War. Twice, they fled for their lives and sought refuge in the Ivory Coast. Robert recognizes children as Liberia’s future leaders and hopes the Lord will use VisionTrust to give them a firm foundation in Christ and reshape the future of the country.

A Quick Look At Our Impact in Liberia

Year VisionTrust Started Partnering: 2008

# of Programs: 7

# of Children Served: 1,645+

# of In-Country Staff/Volunteers: 115

VisionTrust Liberia serves children in the areas of spiritual development, education, and health. In every program the Bible is preached, shared, and taught. In a predominantly Muslim area, it’s amazing to see how many kids have dedicated their lives to Christ! Many of the children haven’t had access to basic health care and proper nutrition in the past. However, by attending a VisionTrust Learning Center, they’re given a nutritious meal 3-5 times a week, taught proper handwashing techniques, and given access to safe drinking water. In addition to caring for their physical well-being, VT Liberia seeks to care for the kids’ mental health, particularly in the aftermath of the Ebola crisis. The education system in Liberia is not the best, so they’ve built VisionTrust schools and have hired their own teachers. The schools give every child an opportunity to attend, regardless of ability. We hope to see each child have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Despite all these challenges, VisionTrust Liberia has made a life-long impact on many children, caregivers, and communities!

Ready to transform lives? Your donation of any amount makes an impact.

Ready to transform lives? Your donation of any amount makes an impact.

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