Orphaned. Abandoned. Victims of natural disaster. Invisible, these children are unseen by the outside world.

about the country

Myanmar, formerly Burma, is located just south of India and China in Asia.  In 2008, Cyclone Nargis left a devastating mark on the country.  As one of the deadliest storms in recorded history, the cyclone killed over 138,000 people, displaced thousands more and destroyed homes, businesses, schools and agricultural jobs.  This tragedy, coupled with military rule and poor economic management, has left the country as the poorest in Southeast Asia.  The children are especially affected by this dire poverty, and are at-risk of being trafficked for labor or the commercial sex trade.


Population living below $2/day

The Facts




Population below the poverty line

Projects 90
Project model: Transitional Home, Learning Center


Number of children served

Religions: Buddhist 89%, Christian 4%, Muslim 4%
Languages: Burmese

The Project

Orphaned.  Abandoned.  Victims of natural disaster.  Invisible, unseen by the outside world because they live in large, crowded cities or remote villages.  Poor and malnourished, left alone to fend for themselves without hope for a bright future.  These are the children VisionTrust serves in Myanmar.


VisionTrust’s goal is to help Myanmar in their long-term recovery.  In this restricted country where many struggle to make ends meet, God has provided nearly 100 VisionTrust Homes and Learning Centers to help the children in Myanmar succeed.  Each day they receive food, education and discipleship.  By experiencing the overwhelming love and grace of God, these children can gain a true sense of hope for their lives and the future.

view some our our children in Myanmar:

meet our
local hero

As a young boy, our local hero had a vision to serve orphaned and needy children, but as he became older that vision became less of a priority.  In 2011, he suffered a stroke and lost his eldest son within a short period of time.  It was then he and his wife dedicated their lives to serving children (their son’s passion), joining VisionTrust in 2012.