Children in the lower classes, like the gypsy and Dalit, have little to no chance of getting an education or social status.

about the country

Located in South Asia, India has seen its share of emperors, dynasties, and the emergence of new culture, science, and art.  The nation was granted independence from Great Britain in 1947, and soon after split into what is now India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.  India is emerging as both a regional and global power, however there are many issues it has yet to address, a major one being limited employment opportunities outside the agricultural sector.  While agriculture claims over half the nation’s workforce, it doesn’t contribute nearly as much toward economic growth as services such as information technology and business outsourcing, where employment opportunities are far less common.  Other problems include poverty, corruption, drug production and transport, discrimination against females, and inadequate educational opportunities.



Population living below $2/day

The Facts




Population below the poverty line

Projects 30
Project model: Learning Center


Number of children served

Religions: Hindu 80.5%, Muslim 13.4%, Christian 2.3%, Sikh 1.9%
Languages: Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Urdu

The Project

The Indian society revolves around its ancient caste system.  Children in the lower classes, like the gypsy and Dalit, have little to no chance of getting an education or advancing in society.  They struggle daily to overcome harsh discrimination and deep-rooted cultural barriers.  VisionTrust works among the lowest castes to provide opportunities for these children to go to school, breaking ancient barriers that don’t give them an option for education.  By partnering with Director Merwin Joshua, VisionTrust runs 27 different Christian-based Learning Centers in India.  The Centers provide children with school tuition, uniforms, supplies, food and a safe place to go.  These programs help children pass annual exams and begin integrating gypsies into society.  However, the main goal of the program is to share the hope of Jesus Christ with these children and see them grow up to live for God and love others.

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local hero

Merwin Joshua grew up in a family with strong Christian values, but his life was headed in the wrong direction. In 2003 he said, “The Lord loved me so much, He intervened in my life in just the right time even without my invitation.” In 2004 he joined the Relief and Development Department of the Evangelical Church of India and VisionTrust in 2005.