Faced with disease and limited educational opportunities, children are forced to remain in the cycle of poverty.

about the country

Cambodia, formerly known as the Khmer Empire, gained full independence from France in 1953. Since then, the country has experienced a lot of unrest at the hand of Communist forces and civil war. Stability has been slowly rebuilding since 1999, however many who were displaced during the unrest are still facing hardships. Even though Cambodia has a large market for clothing and tourism, it’s an extremely poor country with a challenging economic environment and limited educational opportunities.


Population living below $2/day

The Facts




Population below the poverty line

Projects 2
Project model: Learning Center, School


Number of children served

Religions: Buddhist (official) 96.4%, Muslim 2.1%, other 1.3%
Languages: Khmer (Official), French, English

The Project

When the government forced 1,000 families out of their slum village in Phnom Penh, they relocated them to a field. This piece of land, Andong Village, became their new home, but lacked all the necessities, including houses, water, sewage systems, and drainage pipes to prevent flooding. In this village, the main water source is a dirty well dug next to latrines and the death of children due to medical complications is common. Andong Primary School is being used to give hope to over 300 children in the community. The children that attend are provided with food, textbooks, uniforms, and spiritual discipleship, and the school also offers English and vocational classes for others in the community.

The community of Tang Khiev has a very similar story. Its name means "blue tent" because the villagers were forced to live under flimsy blue tarps for housing after they were relocated. A school and many homes have been built since then, but the villagers still face many challenges. A Learning Center is meeting crucial needs and bringing light to this community by providing 140 children with spiritual discipleship, educational enrichment, and health care.

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local hero

Vanek began working with VisionTrust after spending more than ten years with various local and international NGOs in Cambodia in the field of education, human rights, and development. His desire is to see the lives of Cambodians fully restored both physically and spiritually so they can take part in building up the Kingdom of God in Cambodia.

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