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Semira Tullus was 13 and had never attended school. When his parents became Christians, they recognized the importance of helping him mature, so they sent him to school. He completed two grades every year, finished high school, college, and earned his master’s degree. In 2012 Semira became part of VisionTrust and is committed to seeing kid’s lives transformed the way his was.

A Quick Look At Our Impact in Haiti

Year VisionTrust Started Partnering: 2010

# of Programs: 4

# of Children Served: 575+

# of In-Country Staff/Volunteers: 45

VisionTrust in Haiti is serving the neediest children in all america. One of the biggest challenges is to provide a meal day for every child, as we are aware of the big gap in their nutrition because of the limited resources they have at home. Providing good drinking water is also a goal we want to meet every day, becuase the children just dont have it at home. the children in our programs in haiti also recieve a clear message of the gospel, and that is a big light in the darkness of the indigenous believes in vodoo and other black magic religions. education is also provided , and specially this is a big blessings to children who are considered abandoned or sent to the streets at a young age to find thier way on thier own. Haiti is a country with big needs and we are excited for the future as more christian leaders are arising to transform thier own country for good.

Ready to transform lives? Your donation of any amount makes an impact.

Ready to transform lives? Your donation of any amount makes an impact.

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