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Josué has had a heart for orphans for a long time. His wife, Danielle, and their five children have welcomed several orphans into their home over the years. Josué’s godly character is an incredible example to the orphans in the program, their caregivers, and the teachers.

A Quick Look At Our Impact in Central African Republic

Year VisionTrust Started Partnering: 2004

# of Programs: 13

# of Children Served: 430+

# of In-Country Staff/Volunteers: 40+

VisionTrust Centrafrique provides educational, health, and spiritual support to orphaned and vulnerable children. For over 12 years, they have invested in the lives of kids by providing basic health care, helping with school fees and supplies, and sharing the love of Jesus through Bible study and worship. This support helps kids resist the temptation to quit school, to wander the streets, or to join various armed groups. Along with caring for the children holistically, VisionTrust Centrafrique has also raised awareness for the needs of the orphans in the communities, as well as how an educated orphan can someday be a huge asset to the community.

Map of the Central African Republic

Ready to transform lives? Your donation of any amount makes an impact.

Ready to transform lives? Your donation of any amount makes an impact.

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