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Hello! My name is Pablo Paulino, known as Nelson. I’ve served with VisionTrust for the last 16 years, witnessing firsthand the results of your prayers and financial support for our ministry around the world.

I still remember my first days with VisionTrust in 2001. I asked the children and parents in the community of Herrera in the Dominican Republic about their story—How many people were in their families? What were their greatest challenges? And more. Their answers were so similar to my own answers as a child and brought back memories of my friends and the neighborhood where I grew up. The school I went to, the church I attended, the work my father did for over 30 years to feed our family of six, the general environment of my community—these were all part of the journey that God had in his mighty plans to define my purpose in life.

I am passionate about seeing children who are today in the neediest condition—suffering from all kinds of injustice and lacking all sorts of opportunities—to become mature Christians who live for God and love others. Serving with VisionTrust all these years, I’ve seen it over and over again. It’s my joy to be part of this great ministry.

January 2017 I was called to serve as Regional Director of Latin America, overseeing the ministry in Brazil, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Haiti, and Peru. I will need your help, through prayer and financial support, to be able to visit those countries regularly and meet with, pray with, encourage, and pour myself into our Local Heroes. I am looking for 50 people to donate $100 per month to support me in this new role—but any gift is appreciated.

My family and I will be moving to the USA this summer because it will allow me to travel to these Latin American countries, as well as to partners within the USA, more easily. There will be many challenges to overcome. I trust the Lord and His word will be true again and I shall not want. Thank you for being on my team of supporters!

God bless you,



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