Did you know children who receive letters from their sponsors perform 50% better in school? Your letters foster a very special relationship with your sponsored child. The children enjoy receiving a note of encouragement and a photo of their sponsor. Some of them even sleep with your note under their pillow! Even a few short sentences make a huge difference!

Send an Email to Your Sponsored Child

Did you know you can email your sponsored child? Just send a quick email to childletters@visiontrust.org, and we’ll make sure your sponsored child receives your message. Family photos can also be attached! Please include your name, your sponsored child’s full name, and his/her child ID number (if you know it).

In order to help your message reach your sponsored child faster, please keep your email brief. A paragraph can be more easily translated by our Local Heroes.

Need Ideas?
  • Write about things your child will understand such as family, pets, hobbies, sports, and activities you both enjoy.
  • Encourage your child’s learning activities and relationship with the Lord. Share a simple prayer request so that they know how to pray for you.
  • Write about your common interests—your favorite school subject, sport, or music. It’s both encouraging to your child and helps them continue to connect with you.(Please avoid discussing material possessions which only emphasizes your differences)
  • Postcards are fun and educational! Send one from your hometown or from a place you’ve visited.

Send a Letter to Your Sponsored Child

Download one of our colorful letter templates below to print and mail to your sponsored child.

Mail your letter to:
VisionTrust International
3710 Sinton Road #100
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Fish Theme

Download a fish themed 8.5″x11″ letter to mail to your sponsored child!

Photo Theme

Download a photography themed 8.5″x11″ letter to mail to your sponsored child!

Dinosaur Theme

Download a fish themed 8.5″x11″ letter to mail to your sponsored child!

Chicken Theme

Download a chicken themed 8.5″x11″ letter to mail to your sponsorsed child!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be the only one sponsoring my child?

Yes. Each child in our program has only one sponsor, which is why your prayers, letters and encouragement are so meaningful.

How long will my child sponsorship last?

Your commitment will last until your sponsored child is no longer in a VisionTrust program. Because VisionTrust intentionally serves children from extremely impoverished communities, there are occasions when children leave the program- often as their family moves out of the community to seek employment and other opportunities. Other children remain in the program until graduation, which varies depending on the country, but is often between ages 13-18.

What specific benefits will the child I sponsor receive?

Because of your sponsorship, our trusted Local Heroes are able to provide basic education, nutritional supplements, basic medical and emergency care, and most importantly, spiritual discipleship for each child. Just knowing that they have a sponsor who is praying specifically for them and providing funds for them to remain in the program is a great blessing to sponsored children. Though some sponsors will invest in the life of a single child, other sponsors will have the opportunity to touch the lives of multiple children! Each experience is unique. The beauty of this model is that though we may not know how long a child will remain in our program, we do know that while he/she is enrolled, his/her basic needs are cared for, he/she prayed for, and he/she is taught what it means to live for God and love others.

Can I meet my sponsored child?

Yes! We have many opportunities for you to join a short-term mission team and go visit your child. If you’re interested please email our teams department at teams@visiontrust.orgor learn more at visiontrust.org/teams.

Am I obligated to visit my sponsored child regularly?

You are not required to visit routinely, or even at all. In fact, some of our child sponsors have never even been to their child’s country, and some of them sponsor children in high-conflict areas and are not able to visit. Of course, you are more than welcome to join a short-term mission trip and visit your sponsored child!

What else can I do to support my sponsored child?

In addition to supporting your sponsored child regularly with your monthly contribution, you can also pray for your sponsored child on a daily basis, learn more about the country where your sponsored child lives, and share your sponsorship experience with your friends and family. By learning more about the country your sponsored child is from, you gain a better understanding of what daily life looks like for him/her. By sharing your sponsorship story with loved ones, you not only help transform the life of another child, but you also help those closest to you have a special child sponsorship experience as well.

What are the rules for writing to my sponsored child?

You may include any flat paper items such as bookmarks, pages from coloring books, stickers, greeting cards and photos. Because dress standards may be different in your child’s country, please dress modestly when you send pictures of yourself and your family. Due to traveling constraints, all gifts must fit in a 6 x 9 envelope. To help us safeguard both your family and your sponsored child’s privacy, please do not include your home, work, Facebook or email address anywhere in your correspondence.

You may send the letter to us with the enclosed return envelope. You can also send it by email! We will translate and forward your letter to your sponsored child. You are welcome to attach a photo. To help your letter arrive to your child faster, please keep your letter to one or two paragraphs so that it can be translated more easily and faster. Send emails to childletters@visiontrust.org.

Do I have to write my letters in my sponsored child’s native language?

No. We have a translator who will translate your letters. In fact, the letter you receive from your child will originally be in his/her native language and then translated to English. To help your letter be translated and delivered faster, please keep your message to 1-2 paragraphs.