Did you know children who receive letters from their sponsors perform 50% better in school? Your letters foster a very special relationship with your sponsored child. The children enjoy receiving a note of encouragement and a photo of their sponsor. Some of them even sleep with your note under their pillow! Even a few short sentences make a huge difference!

Send an Email to Your Sponsored Child

Did you know you can email your sponsored child? Just send a quick email to childletters@visiontrust.org, and we’ll make sure your sponsored child receives your message. Family photos can also be attached! Please include your name, your sponsored child’s full name, and his/her child ID number (if you know it).

In order to help your message reach your sponsored child faster, please keep your email brief. A paragraph can be more easily translated by our Local Heroes.

Need Ideas?
  • Write about things your child will understand such as family, pets, hobbies, sports, and activities you both enjoy.
  • Encourage your child’s learning activities and relationship with the Lord. Share a simple prayer request so that they know how to pray for you.
  • Write about your common interests—your favorite school subject, sport, or music. It’s both encouraging to your child and helps them continue to connect with you.(Please avoid discussing material possessions which only emphasizes your differences)
  • Postcards are fun and educational! Send one from your hometown or from a place you’ve visited.

Send a Letter to Your Sponsored Child

Download one of our colorful letter templates below to print and mail to your sponsored child.

Mail your letter to:
VisionTrust International
3710 Sinton Road #100
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Space Theme

Download a space themed 8.5″x11″ letter to mail to your sponsored child!

Sea Creature Theme

Download a sea creature themed 8.5″x11″ letter to mail to your sponsored child!

Travel Theme

Download a travel themed 8.5″x11″ letter to mail to your sponsored child!

What are my options for submitting my donations?

What is child sponsorship?

Child sponsorship is a program that provides the opportunity for an individual or a family to come alongside a child living in extreme poverty. A monthly sponsorship commitment provides both relational and financial support. This makes it possible for one child to participate in a holistic child development program that addresses their health, educational, and spiritual development needs.

What makes VisionTrust’s sponsorship program unique?

Some organizations use sponsorship programs to deliver benefits directly to children, while others use the program to provide broader support via development efforts such as clean water to a community. Both approaches hold value and bring positive change.

VisionTrust is unique in offering a child-focused sponsorship program that is enhanced by development projects to benefit the child’s community through the support of generous donors and church partners. This approach allows us to take advantage of the many positive aspects of a child-focused sponsorship program, expand our reach, and bless our children, their families, and their communities with projects like wells, food security, and parental health education programs. With VisionTrust, you get the benefits of both approaches.

What specific benefits will my sponsor child receive?

VisionTrust works with local Christian leaders and volunteers to create a safe environment and provide sponsored children with a wide range of holistic care in the areas of health, education, and spiritual development. This includes providing health education, medical care, educational support, and the opportunity to learn about God’s love.

Does a child have to profess Christian beliefs to participate in a VisionTrust program?

Absolutely not! VisionTrust receives children in-need into our programs, regardless of their faith background. In communities where VisionTrust serves, children may come from families that are not religious or practice another religion such as Islam, Hinduism, or Buddhism. By participating in a VisionTrust program, a child is taught about the love of Christ through engaging in Bible study, worship, prayer, and other spiritual development activities. Children are never forced or coerced to profess faith in Jesus. If they do so, it is by God’s grace, of their free will, and at an age where such a choice is culturally appropriate.

Does each child have only one sponsor?

Each child is uniquely sponsored by one sponsor.

How long will my child sponsorship last?

Sponsorship offers you the opportunity of a long-term relationship with the child you Consistent love and care over several years is the best way to bring lasting transformational change. Our hope and goal is that as a sponsor, you will continue to stay with your child as long as he/she remains in a VisionTrust program.

Many children remain in our program until graduation or until they complete the program. Circumstances vary from country to country, but in most cases, we will continue to work with a sponsored child up until the age of 18.

If your situation changes and you cannot continue your sponsorship, you may discontinue at any time. We will work hard to find a new sponsor for your child.

What happens if my child moves away or leaves the VisionTrust program?

By definition, working with children in extreme poverty means there are many areas of instability in their lives, as well as in the lives of their families. When there is a challenging situation that impacts a child’s ability to attend his/her VisionTrust program, our local staff, who know the child and their family, will follow up with the family and determine if there are ways that we could help so that the child can continue participating.

VisionTrust chooses to work with children living in areas of extreme poverty. Often parents and families from impoverished areas move to other towns or regions where there may be more work or opportunities available. The challenges facing our VisionTrust children and their families are often out of our control leading to relocation of children or children forced to stay home and support their families.

When it becomes certain that a child will be departing the program, for whatever reason, we will let you know and work to connect you with another child for sponsorship. We will try our best to connect you with a child around the same age as your first child, and in the same community, so you can sponsor one of your previous child’s peers. As a sponsor, not only are you investing in a child, but also the child’s community.

What happens if I am unable to continue sponsoring my child?

We understand that some sponsors are not able to continue their child sponsorship until a child has completed his/her VisionTrust program. If a sponsor needs to discontinue his/her child sponsorship, he/she can do so by contacting the VisionTrust main offices at 719.268.2943 or info@visiontrust.org. If a sponsor cannot continue, our team will work to find a new sponsor for that child. A sponsor being unable to continue financial support will not disrupt the child’s participation in the program.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

Child sponsorship is $40 per month.

Can I write to my child?

Yes, your child will LOVE hearing from you and being reminded that you care. In fact, we encourage you to write! One of the greatest needs your child has is the need to overcome feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness. Your messages of love through your letters will bring hope, and many of the children keep your letters in special places in their homes.

How do I correspond with my sponsor child?

When you sign up to sponsor a child, you will receive a welcome packet, which will include instructions on how to send your first message to your sponsor child. VisionTrust will provide a letter writing template, an envelope, and tips on how to communicate with your sponsor child.

Shortly after you sign up as a child sponsor, we encourage you to write a letter to introduce yourself and include a photograph of yourself and/or your family with your first correspondence. Sponsor children truly cherish the photos their sponsors send, and it helps them make a personal connection with you!

*Sending correspondence digitally saves time and money for both you and VisionTrust. Simply email your letters to childletters@visiontrust.org.

How do I correspond with my sponsor child digitally?

Many child sponsors prefer to send their correspondence digitally using the childletters@visiontrust.org email address. Sponsors need to include their sponsor child’s full name and ID number in the subject line of the email. Our sponsorship team receives the correspondence and sends it digitally to the VisionTrust in-country staff for delivery to your sponsor child. You can also attach a photo to the email for your sponsored child.

How long does it take for my sponsor child to receive my letter?

Normally, it takes a few weeks for a child to receive a letter from his/her sponsor. The letter arrives to VisionTrust USA office, is processed by the child sponsorship team, scanned and electronically sent to the in-country staff, translated, and delivered.

ith the impact of the recent COVID -19 outbreak, international travel has stopped, and in some of our countries, our in-country staff’s access to the children is limited. Thus, it will take longer for children to receive letters.

Do I need to translate my sponsor child’s letter before sending it to VisionTrust?

No, you do not need to translate your child’s letter. VisionTrust works with bilingual staff members and volunteer translators to translate the sponsor’s correspondence into the child’s native language. This ensures that communications reflect the regional nuances of their language.

Will my sponsor child write letters to me?

Yes! Each year, you should expect to receive two letters from your sponsor child and one update from the ministry leaders. These communications will help you develop a deeper understanding about the support provided to your child in the areas of health, education, and spiritual development. Typically, the children write their letters together at the VisionTrust program with the assistance and guidance of the program staff. For children who are still learning to read and write, the child dictates what he/she would like to share with his/her sponsor, and the program staff records the response.

Why does my sponsor child’s letter seem rudimentary or like they don’t know me?

For most of the children in VisionTrust programs, writing letters is a novel concept and is a skill that develops as the child grows and matures. Just as sponsors sometimes struggle in knowing what to say or share, it can be as great or an even greater challenge for a child to express his/her experiences.

We believe these letters are about more than a transfer of information. The practice of writing letters provides our children with a chance to learn more about communication, sharing their thoughts and feelings. Through letter writing, children are growing in critical and practical life skills that will benefit them for years to come.

We encourage sponsors to be patient with their sponsored child, knowing that he/she will share what he/she feels most comfortable sharing. The children also receive prompts to help guide their letter writing that are designed to help them share meaningful details about their health, education, and spiritual journey. Typically, the children write their letters together at the VisionTrust program with the assistance and guidance of a template and the program staff. They do not always have your previous letter with them to respond to since they keep them in a safe place at their home. For children who are still learning to read and write, the child dictates what he/she would like to share with his/her sponsor, and the program staff records the response.

As a sponsor, we encourage you to see these letters in a much broader context. It can actually accomplish a number of things very important to the child, including but not limited to:

  1. It is a chance for you to encourage and build up your child. By letting your sponsor child know that you love, care for, and pray for him/her, you help to instill a sense of personal worth and value to the child. Nothing is more important for a child than understanding that God and people love him/her.
  2. Use letter writing as a chance to help the child learn to express themselves.
Can I send gifts to my child?

When special events occur in your sponsor child’s life, such as a birthday, help us celebrate your sponsor child by providing a class gift in his/her honor. Through your monetary donation, the local staff will purchase something the child’s entire class can enjoy together, so your sponsor child can celebrate with his/her friends. Class gifts foster a positive sense of community amongst peers, and they build a child’s self-worth and sense of belonging.

Buying a gift in the United States and sending it to your child is not feasible or recommended. It is a better use of resources to provide money to buy the child or their class gifts in-country. By doing so we not only manage the cost of getting a small present to the child, but we are also, in a small way, able to help support or stimulate the local economy of the community where the child resides.

What is the most important thing I can do for my sponsored child?

Pray! The single most important things that you can do for your sponsor child is to pray for them and let them know that. The children who participate in VisionTrust programs are vulnerable and face many hardships due to overwhelming poverty and unstable family situations. Prayer is a powerful and effective way to serve your sponsor child.

When you do pray for your sponsor child, let them know that you are thinking of them and that you are lifting them up in prayer. Knowing that someone outside of their family or community knows who they are, and cares about them enough to pray for them, is an incredibly powerful element in their development.

VisionTrust sends prayer updates each month with specific prayer requests for each of the countries we serve. You can sign up at the following link: https://mailchi.mp/visiontrust/prayer or by visiting our website and clicking “become our partner in prayer!” at the very top. Your sponsor child will also share personal prayer requests in their letters. We encourage sponsors to share prayer requests with their sponsor children too – many of the children faithfully pray for their sponsors.

What portion of my gifts will go to the program that directly benefits my sponsor child?

It is our commitment that at least 80% of your monthly sponsorship amount will go into programs that directly affect your child.

Can I choose a child from a specific program and/or country?

Yes, you can choose a child from a specific program and/or country. If you would like to sponsor a child in a country with the most need for sponsorship, we are happy to provide a recommendation based on our current needs. Often, a church has already pre-selected a program/country that they would like the congregation to be involved with in a strategic partnership. In this case, our staff can help you connect with a sponsor child from the program your church supports. Additionally, many people serve on short-term mission teams and choose a child from the program site where they served.

Are there other ways can I help?

There are definitely other ways you can help!

  1. Pray! Join our prayer team here.
  2. Serve on a short-term mission trip here.
  3. You can consider making an estate or planned gift to support the work of VisionTrust here.
  4. BECOME AN ADVOCATE: You can become a voice for these children who don’t have the voice to speak up for themselves. Speak up for our children by:
    1. Liking our social media pages and sharing posts with friends. You can find us on Instagram and Facebook at @VisionTrust.
    2. Organizing an event to speak up for VisionTrust children here.
  5. Support health, education, spiritual development, and/or operational projects here.
What are my options for submitting my donations?

You can give a number of ways! The most effective and cost-efficient ways for you to pay your monthly sponsorship are to:

  1. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): if you mail us a check, you can write a note that you’d like to set up a recurring EFT. Or, you can call us with your information at 719.268.2943.
  2. Credit Card: you can call us with your credit card information at 719.268.2943. Please let us know when you have new card information (new card, expiring card, etc.) or you have changed your address.
  3. Debit Card: you can call us with your debit card information at 719.268.2943. Please let us know when you have new card information (new card, expiring card, etc.) or you have changed your address.
  4. You can always make a gift or sponsor another child right here on our website.
  5. Check: feel free to mail us a check to:
    • VisionTrust International
    • 3710 Sinton Road
    • Suite #100
    • Colorado Springs, CO 80907

We can easily set up monthly recurring donations with all of the above. Please let us know if there’s a specific date you would like us to run your payment on.

How do I update my payment information?

Please call us at 719.268.2943 or email info@visiontrust.org. Please do not include any personal financial information (such as a credit card number) in your email – we will provide you a secure way to update that information when we follow up.

How and when will I receive a giving statement from VisionTrust?

If you give online, you will receive an automatic email receipt every time your card runs. If you give via check, a one-time gift, or a special gift, you will receive a receipt in the mail, with the exception of bill pay and third party giving (Vanguard, Fidelity, etc.). You will receive an End Of Year giving statement once a year.

Do I have to have certain Christian beliefs to be a VisionTrust partner?

No, VisionTrust serves with individuals and families that are at different points in their faith journey. Anyone is welcome to partner with us in the ministry with the understanding that they will be supportive of VisionTrust’s values and ministry approach. The VisionTrust statement of faith can be viewed here.

VisionTrust programs are staffed by Christian leaders who meet the health, education, and spiritual development needs of the children they serve in their communities. VisionTrust has programs in 12 different countries around the world and works with a variety of local church partners and denominations.

Is VisionTrust responsible and trustworthy with the donations I send?

VisionTrust is an ECFA accredited organization that is committed to accountability, integrity, and transparency. Every dollar is prayerfully and purposefully used to bring about real and lasting change.

Where does VisionTrust Work?

We currently work in 11 countries. These include:

  1. Brazil
  2. Central African Republic
  3. Dominican Republic
  4. Guatemala
  5. India
  6. Liberia
  7. Malawi
  8. Myanmar
  9. Peru
  10. Tanzania
  11. Zimbabwe