Equipping students to make a living



In April 2015, we reached a significant and exciting milestone—21 orphans graduated from our vocational training program in Bangui, Central African Republic!

This training began as a solution for older students in the VisionTrust program who were struggling to receive their high school diploma. We wanted to ensure they would still be able to make a living by equipping them with a useful skill. The girls participated in sewing classes, the guys received carpentry training, and together they learned about small business principles. They received their Certificates of Completion and were each given supplies to begin earning a living—the ladies received new hand-crank sewing machines and the guys got a set of hand tools and funds for initial carpentry materials.

We would love to continue this training for future students in Bangui, as well as extend it to another VisionTrust program in the city of Berberati.

Currently we have a location in Bangui that could once again house a sewing center and a wood shop, but renovations and supplies are needed in order to continue the program. In Berberati, facilities are readily available, so the new program there would only require start-up equipment. The total cost to get both programs up and running is $12,500.

We have an opportunity to help steer the trajectory of students’ futures. Would you consider investing in their lives for the Kingdom?

Recommended Giving Amounts

  • $1,000
  • $500
  • $250
  • $100
  • Other