For a Healthier Liberia

About This Project

School-age children in Liberia are at constant risk of being infected with parasitic worms. Their environment, with poor sanitation and hygiene, makes them an easy target. These infections can have a tragic impact on a child's future — but many of them can also be cured very simply.

A routine, twice-yearly deworming pill can help a child stay infection-free. And a whole year's worth of protection can be provided for just $2.70 per child.

Help us make sure the nearly 2,000 children we serve in Liberia stay healthy by providing the medication for our "deworming days" in September and January.

Recommended Giving Amounts

$270 Deworm 100 kids

$135 Deworm 50 kids

$68 Deworm 25 kids

$27 Deworm 10 kids