Highlights of an Evening of HOPE

You’ve heard how VisionTrust has been called to holistically reach, equip, and transform the world’s neediest children. You’ve heard their stories, felt their suffering, and shared their joy. You understand how we strive to serve the neediest and most difficult to reach children—loving them deeply, relying on Local Heroes strategically, and sharing the Gospel of Jesus gently but unapologetically.

We’re grateful you’ve given your time to learn about these precious children. If their experiences have moved you, will you join us? Partner with us as we partner with God’s servants around the world—with these faithful Local Heroes who daily feed, educate, heal, and show God’s love to children who desperately need it. Through this care and these unique partnerships, more children are being introduced to Christ every year, ultimately resulting in transformed lives and communities that have broken free from the cycle of poverty.

By God’s grace and direction, a solid foundation has been laid. Now all that’s needed are the resources. To see more children than ever grow up to live for God and love others, all that’s needed is you.

2017 Impact Report

  • 194   Programs in Operation
  • 1,974   New Children in Programs
  • 730+   Children Accepted Christ
  • 45,000+   Weekly Meals Served around the World
  • 18,123   Total Children Served
  • 483   Mission Team Members Sent


Through the VisionTrust HOPE Fund, you will allow VisionTrust to use your gift where it is needed the most—enabling us to act efficiently and effectively to provide HOPE for the world’s neediest children.

Will you consider giving a one-time or monthly gift toward the HOPE Fund? Your special gift will help us continue reaching thousands of children around the world.



Holistic Development: Meeting the physical, educational, emotional, and spiritual needs of children so they can grow up to live for God and love others.

Operational Excellence: From our home office in the US to our more than 190 program sites worldwide, our ministry needs funds to operate at the basic level. When our daily operations are funded, we can put more energy into making sure children are receiving the absolute best quality of care possible.

Priority Projects: We are always striving to make sure our programs are the best they can be. From chicken farms to new classrooms to water purification systems, every country and program site has a priority list of projects they want to implement to better reach, equip, and transform children and communities.

Emergency Needs: When urgent needs like natural disasters, emergency surgeries, or other serious illnesses arise, the ability to act quickly can be life-saving and often provides the opportunity to show Christ’s love to new families in tangible ways.


In Fiscal Year 2016, 85% of VisionTrust’s expenses went directly to program activities helping children live for God and love others.

ECFA Charity Navigator Guidestar SOE

VisionTrust is in the top 1% of top rated non-profits in the country.

Stories of HOPE

Akisan became an orphan at four years old when his mother passed away and his father abandoned him. He then went to live with his grandmother, but became malnourished because she couldn’t provide for both of them. However, by joining VisionTrust’s holistic care program, Akisan was given the food, education, and support that enabled him to excel in school and find hope in Christ. Akisan went on to earn an education degree, and he is now able to provide for himself and his grandmother by teaching English! In his free time, Akisan volunteers as a teacher in an impoverished, low-caste community and brings hope to those students.

Erika grew up in a poor inner-city community with her mom and half-brother. Her father died when she was a one-year-old, and her brother’s father passed away when he was 11. Because of various family challenges, Erika became the primary caretaker of her brother, which forced her to stop attending school for a time. As part of the VisionTrust inner-city holistic care program, Erika found hope, returned to school, partnered with VisionTrust to earn an education degree, and is now working as the director of a child development program for at-risk children. When asked why she continues to invest in children’s lives, she answered, “When a person grows intellectually, the community changes. As long as I use my knowledge to help other people in my community, I am collaborating with the changing of lives.”