Comendador, Dominican Republic



Comendador is a small town on the Dominican Republic and Haiti border. There are few jobs in this town, leaving families severely impoverished and children without enough to eat. During a recent assessment, more than 35% of the children we serve at Comendador were moderately to severely underweight, despite our ongoing efforts to provide food through our program.

Our solution is to provide food security through sustainable food sources. This will allow the children and community to be nutritionally self-sufficient and close the existing nutrient gap for the long-term.

After 18 months of systematic research, and with the help of extraordinary technical experts, God willing we will launch a chicken farm in Comendador in late spring of 2016. The chicken farm will provide meat, cash to provide daily supplementation to the feeding program, and vocational learning opportunities for some of our young adult graduates. The farm will be a blessing to the community, providing work and a more readily available and affordable source of protein.

The total cost of starting the chicken farm and ramping up production for six months to self-sustainment is $40,063. This includes the cost for construction and labor, the chicks, critical materials to feed, water, and grow the chickens, veterinary services, utilities, and project management.

Recommended Giving Amounts

  • $5,000
  • $1,000
  • $500
  • $100