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Make stories like German’s possible:


When German started attending his VisionTrust Learning Center in Peru five years ago, he was lonely, quiet, insecure, and unstable. But, thanks to VisionTrust staff’s demonstration of the Gospel, and the Holy Spirit’s work, German understands he is worth more because of Christ.

He says, “God teaches me to value myself and know that I can go very far, that I have dreams that with His help, I will achieve. I have great potential.”

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If you have any questions, please contact us by email or call us at 719.268.2943

Frequently Asked Questions

What portion of my gifts will go to the program that directly benefits my sponsor child?

It is our commitment that at least 80% of your monthly sponsorship amount will go into programs that directly affect your child.

What are my options for submitting my donations?

You can give a number of ways! The most effective and cost-efficient ways for you to pay your monthly sponsorship are to:

  1. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): if you mail us a check, you can write a note that you’d like to set up a recurring EFT. Or, you can call us with your information at 719.268.2943.
  2. Credit Card: you can call us with your credit card information at 719.268.2943. Please let us know when you have new card information (new card, expiring card, etc.) or you have changed your address.
  3. Debit Card: you can call us with your debit card information at 719.268.2943. Please let us know when you have new card information (new card, expiring card, etc.) or you have changed your address.
  4. You can always make a gift or sponsor another child right here on our website.
  5. Check: feel free to mail us a check to:
    • VisionTrust International
    • 3710 Sinton Road
    • Suite #100
    • Colorado Springs, CO 80907

We can easily set up monthly recurring donations with all of the above. Please let us know if there’s a specific date you would like us to run your payment on.

How do I update my payment information?

Please call us at 719.268.2943 or email Please do not include any personal financial information (such as a credit card number) in your email – we will provide you a secure way to update that information when we follow up.

How and when will I receive a giving statement from VisionTrust?

If you give online, you will receive an automatic email receipt every time your card runs. If you give via check, a one-time gift, or a special gift, you will receive a receipt in the mail, with the exception of bill pay and third party giving (Vanguard, Fidelity, etc.). You will receive an End Of Year giving statement for tax purposes once a year.

Is VisionTrust responsible and trustworthy with the donations I send?

VisionTrust is an ECFA accredited organization that is committed to accountability, integrity, and Every dollar is prayerfully and purposefully used to bring about real and lasting change.

How are Child Sponsorship Funds Distributed?

At VisionTrust, we’re very excited about the future. As we enter 2019 we are driven to help more children in better ways. As a result, we’re working hard to improve our systems, and to provide stronger delivery of benefits to children we haven’t yet reached. This desire requires us to develop our capacity.

One of VisionTrust’s big goals for the next 24 months is to double the number of sponsored children in our care.

Why more? Because there is no shortage of children in our world who are worth more. Worth more than the situation they were born into. Worth more than their society tells them they’re worth. And more importantly, worth more than even the child may realize.

VisionTrust has grown its sponsorship program primarily through the short-term missions program, but now we are looking at new ways of matching children with sponsors. Our sponsorship program is poised to grow beyond anything we have accomplished in the past.

We want all of our child-centric programs to be fully funded through the sponsorship model. Doing so will ensure a level of consistent, sustainable funding that we currently lack. Consistent funding is important because once we have a child in our program, and have made a commitment to that child, we want to honor that commitment without any interruptions.

The end goal of all that we do at VisionTrust is to deliver an effective, positive impact in the lives of our children. In order to achieve that goal, we have made two specific changes to our sponsorship program that we want to bring to your attention.

Changes to Your Sponsorship

The first change we have made, effective January 2019, is that VisionTrust will begin pooling child sponsorship funds so that every registered child in our program will receive uninterrupted critical basic development services in the areas of health, education, and spiritual development.

The second change, effective January 2019, is that we will be allocating a percentage of sponsorship funds to marketing, and another percentage to administration and overhead. This is a standard practice among growing sponsorship organizations. By allocating funds, we will establish a structure and create the systems needed for VisionTrust to gain more sponsors to help more children.

Important Note

Transitioning to a system in which all of our child programs are funded through sponsorship will take some time. We hope you will pray with us for more sponsors, like you, to join VisionTrust as we endeavor to reach more children.

Thank you so much for all you do to help orphans and vulnerable children in this world. Thank you for understanding that they are worth so much more than their circumstances!

Finally, if you have any questions about these changes please feel free to call 719-268-2943 and our Partner Care Team will be happy to talk with you.