Our History

VisionTrust International (VTI) was founded in 1997 as a Christian child development organization with the goal to work with vulnerable children in extreme poverty situations. But, the roots of VisionTrust are found not internationally, but in the vision of two Christian businessmen. 

VisionTrust began with two Colorado Springs businessmen, Jeff Behan and Gary Ganz. These business partners had a desire for their for-profit company, VisionTrust Communications, to measure success not only based on bottom-line performance, but dedicate its resources to a ministry that would change the world and increase the Kingdom of God.

At the same time, Ernie Taylor, a lifelong missionary was looking to start a new organization that would come alongside children at a young age and continue to serve them through high school graduation.

In 1997, the three formed VisionTrust International, Inc., developed the mission of the organization, and established its original Board of Directors.

VisionTrust International’s work began with a pre-school program in the Dominican Republic and an orphanage in Myanmar. Today, through our local partners, we operate Orphanages, Schools, and Learning Centers in multiple regions of the world, serving thousands of children. All of these children receive care and attention in the areas of Health, Education, and Spiritual Development. 

At VisionTrust, we believe that children are worth more. Worth more than the situation they were born into and worth more than many of them believe themselves. Our calling is to introduce these children to the Gospel, and to help them overcome the hurdles that keep them from fully realizing what God has intended for their lives.

Today, VTI works in 11 countries helping thousands of children come to faith and grow up as productive Christian adults able to positively impact their own culture.

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